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How Does Light Affect Our Health?

 Like sunlight to plants, human beings are dependent upon light for health and well-being.

Many ancient cultures practiced various forms of heliotherapy: Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Rome. The Inca, Assyrian, and early German settlers also worshiped the sun as a health bringing deity.

Since then a vast array of treatments using controlled light have been developed together with the creation of special devices for research and treatment.

Light is a composition of electromagnetic waves of various lengths which affect our body and mind. Human cells respond to particular wavelength absorbing photons (subatomic particles) that simulate cellular and molecular regeneration.

Lack of light leads to depression, seasonal affective disease (SAD), sleep disorders, hormone and metabolic disturbance.

Excessive ultraviolet and infra-red radiation damage collagen fibers that accelerate skin aging, increase the risk of skin cancer and cataracts, and induce immunosuppression by reactivating latent viruses.


What is the DREAMSPA® light System?

The DreamSpa Light System provides three of the safest and most beneficial wavelengths of the light spectrum: Red, Near-Infrared and Blue-Turquoise. The DreamSpa delivery system is based on over 40 years of research in biophotonics, phototherapy, tissue optics, cellular connections, and anti-aging.

Blue-Turquoise light (470 nm)


 · stimulates serotonin production

· has antibacterial properties

· improves cognitive function

· resets circadian rhythms

· Influences the pineal gland 

Low-power Red light (670 nm)


 can be absorbed into the skin to a depth about 8 to 10 millimeters at which point it has positive effects on cellular energy, nervous system and metabolic processes. 

Near infrared light (870 nm)


· delivers energy to the cells

· stimulates healing

· relieves pain

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Lack of light during winter can cause a loss of interest in enjoyable activities, overeating, sleep disorders, and even depression. 

Light therapy is often recommended over antidepressants for the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as, according to recent research, blue light has been found to be particularly beneficial for boosting mood. 

The DreamSpa’s Trance feature relaxes brainwaves from an alert or stressed state in Beta (15-40 Hz), through Alpha and 8Hz Theta to deeply relaxed and restorative Theta (5Hz). 5Hz Theta is the “miracle zone” where the brain can physiologically repair or “reboot” itself.