DreamSpa® Multiwave Programs


Maximum Regeneration & Energy Renewal •
Reduction of Fatigue • Radiant Beauty Enhancement

Maximum Regeneration & Energy Renewal

Reduction of Fatigue

Radiant Beauty Enhancement 

Blue Calm*


 Sleep Enhancement · Mood Lifting · Stimulation of Serotonin Production · Increase of Mental Clarity and Focus · Jet Lag Alleviation · Profound Stress Relief · Alleviation of S.A.D. · Reset Circadian Rhythms: Suppression of Melatonin 

Body Relief*

Increase of Energy • Reduction of Fatigue • Stress Relief • Relief from Over Exercising

Increase of Energy · Reduction of Fatigue · Stress Relief · Relief from Over Exercising 



Stimulation of head acupuncture meridians 



 Soothing for hands 

Brainwave Entrancement


* Brainwave Entrancement can be included in RENEW, BLUE CALM and BODY RELIEF sessions. 

Progressive benefits of light therapy

Research has shown that the progressive benefits of light therapy sessions include:

  •  Increasing energy levels by promoting the release of ATP from cells' mitochondria
  • Stimulation of DNA/RNA synthesis
  • Activation of the lymphatic system, an important part of our immune system that helps carry waste out of the body
  • Increasing blood flow/circulation that stimulates tissue regeneration
  • Formation of new capillaries (small blood vessels)
  • Improvement of natural production of collagen and fibroblasts, important for things like skin, joint and digestive health
  • Reduction of pain


“I love it so much; words can’t even express how exuberant I am. I have tons of energy and I used to be exhausted. I am just a happier person all around. I feel stronger, more rested and more effective in my life. I love, love, love it!”  

~ Paula Battaglia, Chicago

“I am 76 years old I started to use the DreamSpa for only a month & I already see improvements around my mouth my sagging skin beneath my chin & wrinkles are half gone.” ~ Zlata Simic, Chicago, IL

“I love the Dream Spa! The light feels very soothing to me and the blue setting makes me sleep like a baby at night.” ~ Helga De Bontin, Northfield, IL

"What I can say about the DreamSpa is that it's awesome!!! I'm grateful I won't have another winter without it. I have a tendency to have bouts of depression because of lack of sun in winter. The DreamSpa saved me. It kept my spirits high and my immune system strong all winter long."~ Laura "Savita" Jachim, Deerfield, IL

“I’ m from the states and now live in France with my wife who is French. Whenever we travel to the USA, we lose at least a couple of days to jet lag. There is about 14 hours of traveling. We are just exhausted. My mother showed me the DreamSpa. I was quite amazed because I really had no jet lag after that. I felt completely normal just as if I had been with her all along. I went to sleep that night expecting to wake up during the night or to wake up too early. I had none of those problems. I just fell asleep the normal time and woke up at 8am. I felt really refreshed. I was back on track much faster. It was great! ~ Joshua Kline, Bise, France

” Back pain was something I endured for many years and managed with yoga, acupuncture, epidurals, deep massage and physical therapy. I severely injured my back last year and had surgery six months ago on L-4, L-5, and S-1. After surgery I began the healing process….rest, relaxation and the DreamSpa. A dear friend shared with me her time, knowledge and light therapy. From my first “lights” experience, I immediately felt healing energy enter my body. Light therapy released the stress from post-surgery and restricted motion and brought calmness and rejuvenation into the healing process. I used the different light settings during my road back to health and the therapy helped moved me from recuperation to wellness. My hair loss went away, my energy levels increased, and the “lights” boosted my emotional wellbeing. As I felt better, I lessened the use of the DreamSpa and after a few months, I stopped. It took several weeks of not using the “lights” to realize I needed to make this therapy part of my wellness practice. I now allow its continued renewal to help me pursue my road to wholeness.” 

~ Lea M. Northfield, IL

“I was working on a project yesterday, standing on my feel quite a bit and my arthritis started kicking in and I got very tired. I took 30 minutes under the DreamSpa Light – when I came out my back felt better, my knees felt better, and overall, I was not tired and dragging. I felt energy!” ~ Melissa Voukon, Schaumburg, IL

“My friend, Alice, tried the Blue Calm program because she hadn’t been sleeping. She did sleep a full night that night, but she was more impressed by how it helped her feet! After her session, I watched as she flexed her toes up and down, saying in awe, “I couldn’t do this before!” – obviously, she can, now.”~ Susan Atchison, Barrington, IL

“Love DreamSpa. I used it and experienced a difference from my skin to my energy level.  Everyone needs one! 

~Theodora Ntovas, creator of Yasou natural skin care, Chicago, IL

“The DreamSpa Light has changed my life! I sleep better, wake up energized and I am less stressed. I do not have any issues falling asleep anymore! My daughter who's 12 uses it about 3-4 times a week. She's always on the go and says it helps her relax and calms her down!  ~ Maytinee, Vernon Hills, IL

“Amazing stuff! I loved it and never felt so good after 30 minutes. “ ~ Angie Jablonski, Schaumburg, IL

“ I had two sessions and I tell you I felt really great the day after. I have always had a problem sleeping at night, even as a child I used to lay awake for hours before I could fall off to sleep. After my second session, I went to bed at my usual time…I switched the television off and I swear, before the screen went blank, I was gone. AND I didn't wake again until 7:00 a.m. This has never happened to me before, because I always wake up several times throughout the night. Got up at 8:30 a.m. and then the next night I slept so well I was up at 8:00 a.m.” ~ Aelish Quayle, Freeport, IL

"WOW! The light therapy is so helpful each time I have a session. It lifts my mood into the clouds. So, thank you for allowing me to have these sessions. I appreciate them so much. " ~ Anonymous, Northbrook, IL


"I spend a lot of treatment time helping my clients get out of their head into their body. The DreamSpa allows the client to start relaxing first and then enables me to better support them further and deeper with their healing." 

~ Aimee Orta, Balance Healing Center, Chicago

" My husband, Mike, was experiencing vicarious trauma as a first responder in the emergency room. He uses the Renew program to recharge his body and feels better mentally and physically after just 30 minutes, with the added benefit of going into meditation during that the session." ~ Sharon & Mike Zima, Chicago, IL

"I can’t say enough about DreamSpa, I am simply ADDICTED. Seriously, you know it’s like when you reboot your computer, so it works better and faster,- this is what each session does for me. Total Body Reboot. I am more energized, more focused, relaxed, it’s amazing. And I sleep so much better, wake up fully recharged. I used to hit snooze button a few times before I would actually get up from bed. It has completely changed since I started using DreamSpa. I love feeling so great. Thank you DreamSpa!" ~ Olena, Chicago

"Its almost 6 years since I began using the DreamSpa on a regular basis. I am still wowed by the ongoing positive changes. Last March, I visited my ophthalmologist, he turned to me and said "I want to card you! The health of your retina looks like your 34!" This was right before my 64th birthday, so that's about half my chronological age. A few weeks later I came across the NCBI/NIH articles that described research with 670nm (the same frequency of DreamSpa red) improving retinal health. The regenerative benefits that I and others are experiencing still surprise and amaze me." ~ Yvonne Hedeker, Co-Founder of Light Health Research, Deerfield, IL

"I love to use the DreamSpa at the end of a client's hypnosis session. It relaxes my clients even more and somehow seems to 'seal' in the healing." ~ Susan Atchison, Barrington, IL

"I can't believe how relaxed I feel. I just can't believe it. Inside of myself, I feel so relaxed. Usually I feel jumpy. I just feel like everything is at peace. It's unbelievable. DreamSpa is like nothing I have ever experienced."  ~ Laverne Zimmerman, Barrington, IL


Alberto Villaldo, PhD, Author, Teacher, Healer

 Alberto is founder of the world-renowned Four Winds Society and Light Body School, an anthropologist, a teacher, healer and the author of numerous bestselling books. For many years, Alberto trained with the medicine people of the Amazon. He shares the experience of infinity and its ability to heal and transform us, to free us from the chains that keep us fettered to illness, old age and disease.

 “DreamSpa light is my favorite biophotonic device, it provides the essential missing nutrient that our mitochondria need to functional optimally – bioactive light.  I have used it personally and in my Grow a New Body program, and highly recommend it." 

Cynthia Pasquella, Celebrity Nutritionist

 Nutrition expert for New Beauty Magazine, The Doctors, The Dr. Phil Show, and The Today Show, and featured in Access Hollywood, E! News Live, Harper’s Bazaar, and Shape Magazine. Cynthia is the founder of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition -the only nutrition certification program combining science, psychology, spirituality, and coaching to help people create permanent changes 

 “My go-to anti-aging essential is the DreamSpa, a personal phototherapy system that uses light to stimulate cellular repair and regeneration. It also helps reduce my stress levels, which we know contribute to aging in a big way .

Dr. Michael Galitzer, Longevity Medicine & Author

 Dr Galitzer utilizes the DreamSpa in his Beverly Hills practice. He is a nationally recognized expert in complementary and anti-aging medicine and the Medical Director of The American Health Institute.  Treatments offered at the Institute’s clinic are aimed to first optimize internal health, and then visibly enhance the client.

 We provide cutting edge treatments to regenerate the body.”  

Greta Blackburn, Author, Editor, the Telomere Diva

 Greta Blackburn is the founder and editor of Ms. Fitness Magazine, and co-author of “The Longevity Edge”  and "Lifebalance". She features the DreamSpa in her Boomer Basics column.  Greta is the founder and the director of FITCAMPS, training symposiums for fitness professionals and other men and women from all over the world.

 I recommend the DreamSpa for reversing the visible and felt effects of aging." 


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